People say “Oh, you must really feel like you can, you know, do some surgery now.” No. - Chandra Wilson

OMG!!! They all are so cool!!!

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make me choosei-can-be-a-duck asked: b&b or hodgela

Do you believe in fate?

Absolutely not. Ludicrous.

I love this!!!

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The center will hold.

9x24  |  10x01

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I love this girl!!! :)

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Cristina and Callie in 7x08: Something’s Gotta Give

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mcrollins meme → 3 objects [3/3]

  • the blue shirt

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Angie Harmon 

ALS Ice Bucket challenge

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Third time’s the charm.

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Ziva David | being pretty and stuff

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Friends Reunion Skit with Jimmy Kimmel.

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